Mane Command is a trusted SEO firm in Denver, Colorado. We help our clients get more leads and visits from all the search engines via well written and directed marketing content. Before we optimize your website, we will do the research into relevant content that will speak to the kind of customer demographic you are intending to go after. After a complete understanding of this type of user, we then create the content and relevant keywords that will optimize your site. Remember, you want to have well written content that your customers appreciate not what search engines want. This is becoming more and more the same thing, as search engines become more effective at understanding what that user is actually searching for.

Knowing the relevant keywords to focus your SEO efforts on can be very challenging and it takes time to interpret the data and make changes. With our team of experts, we’ll research the data out there and provide a structured approach for your site to utilize. Formal keyword research is the foundational piece in SEO that will help your business succeed. We help our clients understand what people are typing into search engines, how frequently they do it, how relevant those terms are to your business objectives, and how competitive those terms will be to try to rank for them.

Let’s look at an example. Say your company rents canoes. You might think that the keyword “canoe” is something that you want to rank for. But after a little keyword research, you’ll find that it won’t even make your list. Why? Well, even though canoe may get typed into search engines with a very high frequency, it doesn’t have much relevance for your business. Think about it, how many reasons could someone type the word “canoe” into a search engine? They might be looking for a place to canoe, pictures of a canoe or how to build a wooden canoe. Any one of hundreds of things that have nothing to do with actually renting a canoe. Therefore, it would be more effective for your business to target a specific lake and renting a canoe such as, canoe rentals at Chatfield Reservior.